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hesseNew Jersey illustrator Erica Hesse is most known for her pin-ups and comic book related sketch cards. Hesse is inspired by classic movie monsters, horror, burlesque, roller derby, hot rod, pin-up, and comic book related art. And that's only a small part of it! The female figure has always been what Hesse has considered to be one of the most beautiful forms in nature. So when combined with the things she loves, you get a mash-up of playfulness and naughtiness that allow her to express how she feels when drawing girls.

Hesse exhibits her art at several comic book conventions and art shows a year, and is looking forward to making future appearances at tattoo, classic car, and horror conventions. Most people know her as the girl that illustrates roller derby, burlesque, and pinup girls, since she has created several posters and logos for the Arizona Roller Derby Association, Charm City Rollergirls, and the Orlando Psycho City Derby Girls. She has also done several burlesque posters for Infamous Chaz Royal, a brand logo for Retrotease.net. Most recently, Hesse has been been selected as one of the five artists for an officially licensed silk-screen poster for the Bettie Page estate and original pin-up work was published in "The Contemporary Illustrated Pin-up" book by Schiffer Publishing.

In Hesse's spare time she likes to read comics, pin-up, burlesque, hot rod, horror, and low-brow art related books. She collects designer vinyl toys, comic book statues, art prints, and original art. When she's not collecting, you may catch her at the nearest coffee shop to rejuvenate her deviant little brain. If you so happen to see her in such a place, use extreme caution when approaching. There's an old Urban Legend that she's been known to eye a cup of coffee like a tiger eyes its prey, and the results are not very pretty.